First United Methodist Church
Friday, August 14, 2020
Devils Lake, North Dakota
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Sermon Archives

  Lenten Sermons 2016
 Sermon series on First World Problems w/accompanying calendar activity
 Sermon series on the Life of Christ
 Sermon series on the Language of God
 Sermon series on the book of Hebrews
 Sermon series on the book of Romans
 Advent Sermons 2016
 Sermon Series on Simply Jesus
 Lenten series on Parables
  Maundy Thursday sermon
Easter Season sermons
 Sermon Series Life@
Life@youth/young adulthood
Life@middle age
Life@elder years
 Sermon Series - What Does the Bible Say About_________?
Sermon series - Becoming Romans 12 Christians
 Sermon Series - Dangerous Prayers
  Sermon Series on Work and Faith
 Sermon for World Communion Sunday
 Sermon Series - Legends of the Fall
 Sermon Series - The Season of the Saints
 Advent Sermon Series - A Christmas Carol 
 Sermon Series - Making Positive Changes
 Lenten Series 2018
Sermon Series - What Kind of Christian "R" You?
Sermon Series on FDR's Four Freedoms
Sermon Series - In Love
Sermon Series/Lessons from the Old Testament